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Race and Religion

Racial Identity in the Family of God

Race in America Series by Phil Vischer

Phil Vischer made a two part video series cataloging major events and activities concerning Black America primarily beginning with the mid 20th century and beyond. I have not researched every thing he addressed. Therefore, I do not necessarilty agree with everything he sets forth. But I do believe his presentation is worth considering regarding possibilities and probabilities.

In my view he basically concludes that blacks and whites have some of the same positives and negatives and challenges including the desire to do the right thing in America. The difference is the impact of racism that has made it more difficult for Black America to do the right thing in America. Therefore, it is going to take all of us regardless of skin color to work together to make it better for all but special attention given to acknowledging and rectifying the impact racism has had on Black America

On his Facebook page he provides the transcript of the video in PDF form so that is included below. I did not see the transcript for Part 2 as I guess he did not have the time to put it together. However, I did take the transcript of Part 2 from the YouTube channel which is unformatted.

Of course, he gives his perspective on the matters and what he concludes from his research and I have not done my own research so as to validate every point/claim he makes. Others may draw different conclusons and differ in the detail numbers and percentages. But I think the general thrust of his claims are valid. As in the case of all information on this site, I provide his perspective to inform your formulation of your overall view of the matters of concern.

Race in America Part 1 - Video

Race in America Part 2 - Video

Race in America Part 1 - Transcript

Race in America Part 2 - Transcript


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