Application for Systemic Partiality Assessment (ASPA)

About ASPA Data Query Functionality

I developed this app to aid me in visualizing and analyzing data concerning various spiritual, political, and socio-economic factors and elements in our society.

One should keep in mind that statistics are not meant to be precise but do provide a good picture of what probably is going on, what needs to be celebrated, and what needs stronger more focused attention. Also, the data is constantly being fine tuned at various sources and different sources use different statistical methods. Therefore, the data may not be exactly the same across platforms/sources; however, they should approximate and do provide awareness as to proportionality/partiality issues.

Major data sources are the Census and FBI National Incidents Based Reporting System. Other data sources are also utilized as available and deemed useful. Census and FBI Applications Programming Interface (API) data runs 1 to 2 years behind the current year as they need time to maximize the integrity of the data.

The databases are large so at times it may take some time for the queries to run. When the query is done, a pop up will notify you as to its completion and success or failure. A failure will usually be due to no data being avaiable that meets the entered query criteria.

Data for small racial/ethnicity categories are not listed by this App for some functionality at this time though they are valued as well. Plans are to include all race/ethncity categories in all functionality.

Entry of Year is required. Data retrieval is hierarchical. To retrieve for a higher level, leave the lower level blank. For example to retrieve for the nation, leave all fields blank except the year. To retrieve for an entire state leave the county, city, and in the case of a crime data the Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) fields blank. To retrieve for a city complete the state and city and optionally the county field. To retrieve for a law enforcement agency complete the ORI field. Statistics are cleared when you make a change to some query parameters.


This App where possible uses the Census Data APIs to maximize use of the latest Census Bureau updates rather than using static periodic downloads.

General Census Data Sources are given below:

Specific Census tables data sources are below:

The above data tables can be accessed here at the Census Bureau site. This will require you to select various parameter critera to cofigure the Census site to yield the data universe you seek. This App aims to make it easier to retrieve the data sought. This App uses the 5 Year ACS rather than the 1 Year. So in comparing App results to the data tables make sure you look at the 5 Year ACS table rather than the 1 year ACS Table as the data may differ between the 5 Year and 1 Year Tables.


Data is taken from the FBI National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) and other FBI sources.

This App where possible uses the FBI Data APIs to maximize use of the latest FBI updates rather than using static periodic downloads.

For the Main FBI NIBRS Data Website see the Crime Data Explorer.

The NIBRS is voluntary so not all law enforcement agencies participate. Also, the data may not be as correct as it should be; but, it is what is reported to the FBI. Therefore, that is what we have thus far to give us some idea of what is going on. As I see it, it is a responsibility of local citizens to pressure the local law enforcement agencies to have open correct full records of categorized arrests/encounters, etc.

The FBI API currently does not provide data on ethnicity though it is available through downloads. Analysis of downloaded tables show that nationally Hispanics/Latinos made up 10% of arrests in 2018, 11% in both 2019 and 2020 and 12% in 2021. Ethnicity was reported as unknown at a rate of 19% for 2018, 17% for 2019 and 2020 and went way down at 9% for 2021. Race unknown was reported as 3% for 2018 and 2019 and 2% for 2020 and 2021.

Work in Process

I am retired and work on this app between other things. It is a work in process and not all desired functionality has been implemented.

Implemented algorithms have been tested. But even Microsoft has to periodically issue corrections. It is the nature of computer software technology. Therefore, if anyone detects any data retrieval where the numbers seem to fall outside reasonable statistical margin of error, please send a notice using the Contact menu on the main ASPA Home Page.

App Usage

App is currently offered free of charge for use by the public. However, it does take time, talent, and treasures to acquire tools and research the data and develop the app, therefore non-tax-deductible donations are accepted, if desired, here.